About Us

Craft Beer and Pop Culture – that’s how we started, but we have evolved into so much more. Always curious, always opinionated, let’s talk it out. 



William’s Bio: An A/V nerd who doesn’t know he is one, he also keeps the records for Brewnomics because he likes analytics… What a weirdo… William also enjoys movies, board games, family time, and being a pain in the ass to Jerry. He should read more…


Hey! Here is a little about me: 

I grew up in Boise, Idaho.

I love local craft beer and spending time with my best friends Jerry, Pk, and Will. 

My favorite craft beer styles are an Irish Red and a Brown Ale. 

I also love action movies (the cheesier the better), comedies, and science fiction.  If you do too, subscribe to our podcast! 




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I’m Phalla!

I grew up on 80’s and 90’s cartoons which led me to comic books. Television and movies raised me and they were never late for a PTA meeting.

I love boy band music – yeah you read that right, Backstreet for life! 

My love for craft beer came from our fearless leader Jerry. Back when we were younger and still fairly skinny, he and I were out and about and he had me try Widmer’s Brrrr. I instantly fell in love with craft beer.